Ginger Moxey

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Ginger Moxey, a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and cultural enthusiast, is the President and CEO of Immerse Bahamas, a full service destination and project management company. She is also the founder of 700 Partners, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to reaching those in need and restoring the infrastructure that creates the environment for better communities.

Before branching out in June 2014 to launch her company and philanthropic initiative that promotes the development of sister city relationships, she served as the Vice President of The Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited and Port Group Limited. Ginger is also a certified event manager with the George Washington University.

Since 2014, because of her focus on educating potential stakeholders on the opportunities of Sister Cities International, she was able to reignite interest in existing programs, as well as create new relationships.  In 2017, she was appointed Country Representative for The Bahamas and Regional Representative for the Caribbean.  She has been extremely busy promoting sister cities to all of the inhabited islands of The Bahamas, and has been aggressive in her outreach to revitalize the Caribbean.

She recently visited Haiti, with the largest number of sister city relationships in the Caribbean.  This successful mission has caused a renewed commitment to the program, and other Caribbean countries are also showing great interest.

With a passion for cultural immersion and community development, Ginger’s goal is to create sister city relationships for all of the inhabited islands of the Caribbean to promote cultural, educational, tourism and business exchanges.

Statement of Interest

I would like to run for the Board of Directors to become more involved and give input into areas surrounding membership, fund development, strategy and programs, and conference planning.

As a country and regional representative, I believe that I have a lot of insight that can enhance membership, and create significant interest in global membership. There are also many ways that can enhance SCI’s fund development through unique outreach opportunities that I would like to promote. And, as a certified event planner and strategist, I believe that I can add value to the existing programs, as well as create new initiatives that will cause millennial and next generation leaders to want to become a part of Sister Cities International.

The main reason that I would like to run for the Board is the fact that I truly believe in the mission of Sister Cities International to connect globally and thrive locally. I still believe that there are so many people who are unaware of the value of this wonderful platform that President Eisenhower created in 1956. I would like to assist, wherever I can, in taking Sister Cities International to the next level of fully-engaged partnerships, throughout the world.

Skills and Assets

The major skills and assets that I will bring to the Board include strategizing, event planning, flexibility, national recognition, non-profit expertise, creativity, self-motivation, and passion.

I have been self-funding all SCI initiatives, for over 4 years. Illustrating how SCI has the capacity to impact communities is dear to me. By combining skills with passion at the Board level, I believe that I will be able to continue to contribute greatly to the sister city movement!